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About Us

Violets sitting on a windowsill. Hannah Royer grew beautiful African violets on the windowsill of her home. In 1937, she began to sell these plants at a local garment factory and area farmer's markets in order to augment the family's income. As interest grew in Hannah's plants, so did the business...

Over the next several years, used greenhouses were acquired to grow even more flowers. This was a true family business with Hannah's husband, Lester working in the greenhouses and their three children working right along-side them with various duties.

This fledgling enterprise grew through increased sales at area farmers markets and through wholesale of the flowers and plants to other retail florists in Lebanon and Lancaster County. As the retail flower business continued to grow, Lester retired from his teaching job to develop their retail flower venture by managing the greenhouses. Around 1945, following numerous requests for cut flowers, the decision was made to convert the two-car garage into a flower shop. The first flower shop was in operation! In these early days, Hannah did it all except deliveries which Kenneth Royer, one of her sons, did after school. The business grew for Hannah because she always worked to say yes to her customers. On several occasions, customers asked for special funeral arrangements to be made in shapes of horses or deer, and Hannah would always say yes, sometimes staying up all night to make the arrangement "just right".. Her two sons, Kenneth and Glenn, took the business forward with Kenneth taking full control in the early 80's.

Flower stem That legacy lives on today at Royer's flowers and gifts. We are always looking for ways to say yes to our customers' special requests and needs. Our Lebanon store still has the original two-car garage as part of the structure of the building to constantly remind us of our heritage. Within one generation and under the management of Kenneth Royer, Royer's flowers & gifts has grown to become one of the largest retail florists in the country. In the early 1980's, Ken Royer's sons, the third generation, started to join him in the family business.

Currently, the fourth generation are involved in management of the retail operations as the business continues to grow. Ken Royer is now retired and an emeritus board member while two of his sons and three grandsons run the daily operations. Gregory Royer is Chairman of the Board and Thomas Royer is CEO. The fourth generation management includes Geoffrey, Andrew, and Gregory M. Royer. Geoffrey Royer is Vice President of Pennsylvania Central Operations. Andrew Royer is Vice President of Ohio Operations.