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Coronavirus Updates

Below are updates and changes to normal operation. It will be updated as the situation evolves. We thank you for your understanding and patience during this time.

Store Hours

All stores are now open to the public during normal operating hours. All customers will be required to wear masks and maintain social distance. Store employees may regulate traffic flow and admittance to the store, if needed. Operating hours until further notice are Monday - Saturday 8am to 5pm. Closed Sundays.

Contactless Delivery

Until further notice, our delivery drivers will practice contactless delivery. When the driver arrives, they will place the gift on the recipient's doorstep and notify the recipient of the delivery via a call (if the recpient's number is available) or ringing the door bell, then stepping back from the door.

Curbside Pickup

Until further notice, our retail stores will offer curbside pickup during normal store hours. When you arrive at the store to pickup your order, please call the store and tell us your name. We will gather your gift and place it outside the door for you to pick up.

Hospital & Nursing Home Deliveries

Please note that some hospitals, health care facilities and nursing homes are not accepting deliveries at this time. Check with your hospital or nursing home for their guidelines before placing an order.

Wire Service Orders

We can accept orders for wire service (FTD) arrangements for delivery, but delivery may be delayed due to local governmental closures and regulations in the recipient's area.

Keeping Our Employees & Customers Safe

Our staff will be kept to a bare minimum to allow us to operate and still practice social distancing. The store is cleaned and disinfected consistently throughout the day and everyone has access to hand sanitizer. We are following all recomendations and guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Pennsylvania Department of Health.

State Exemption to Operate

The Department of Community and Economic Development along with the Govenor's office have determined that Royer's flowers and gifts many continue operations because parts of our business are life-sustaining. Read the exemption notice below:

Royer's Flowers
810 South 12th Street,
Lebanon, PA 17042

Based on the information submitted in your request, Governor Wolf and Secretary Levine's recent orders calling for the closure of non-life-sustaining businesses do not appear to require your business to close at this time. Certain operations of your business described in your request appear to be within a life-sustaining business sector that contributes to the health and safety of Pennsylvania. You do not require an exemption to remain open for business as to these operations. For further information regarding what operations are or support a life-sustaining business sector, please see the Department of Community and Economic Development's guidance at

Your business must remain in compliance with the social distancing and other mitigation measures which have been established by the Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as currently in effect or as may be amended in the future. Virtual and telework operations (e.g. work from home) must be the primary option when available. In-person work at a business site is only to be performed on the most limited basis possible to deliver the services or goods of your life-sustaining business.

We appreciate your efforts to combat the spread of COVID-19.