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Kid's Club - March 2024 Event

We're thrilled to announce a special pickup event this March that's just for you! Register now for a FREE "Watch-Em Grow" plant, an exciting opportunity to get your hands dirty and watch the magic of nature unfold right before your eyes.

What: Pick up your very own FREE "Watch-Em Grow" plant (a single bloom hyacinth), just beginning to sprout from the soil. You'll take this little green buddy home, give it water and light, and watch as it grows into a beautiful flower, just in time for spring.

Registration: Sign up is easy and online using the link below. Registration ends March 7th at 11:59am
Register Now

When: Plant pickup is March 14th to 16th, 2024 during regular business hours at any of our shops. Be sure to select your local store when registering.

This event is more than just about growing a plant; it's a fantastic way for kids to connect with the environment and each other.

Care Instructions

  1. Sit plant on a plate in a well-lit area of your house.
  2. Check the soil every day to make sure it's moist, but not too wet. Water as needed.
  3. Watch the plant bloom
  4. Once your flower is done blooming, put your flower in a dark cooler place, like a garage or a basement.
  5. Don't cut the stem, allow the stems and flowers to dry up. This returns the plants nutrients to the bulb.
  6. In the fall, plant your hyacinth bulb in your garden.
  7. Watch it regrow next spring!