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Loving Memories Pet Bracelet - Silver • $18.99

A beloved dog or cat can be an important part of the family, and one you will miss when they cross over the rainbow bridge. Honor your pet and keep those wonderful memories of laughter and cuddles close with this handcrafted silver pet bracelet piece from the Loving Memories Collection. Each of these small pieces of jewelry or gift items also showcases a special sentiment or design to help them remember. Heart Pet Bereavement Bracelet features an adjustable cord with a single, round charm that has a small heart on it and the back has a paw print. Sentiment on the package reads "Always by my side but forever in my heart"

Due to the ongoing pandemic, flower supply lines are not running at full capacity. Because of this, we may need to substitute flowers in your arrangement. We will provide you with the same look and feel you would have gotten with the original flowers.

Item #9444.